My Wedding Day

Hi guys!! 

Wow it’s been a frickin long time since I did this! Well today marks my 6 months wedding anniversary to my love (time sure flies!) and my wedding/walima photos have arrived so there was no better time to share my weekend with you, I've had so many Dm's with questions/advice so I will be sharing my full experience. 

I was told over and over again that my wedding weekend would be one of the best moments of my life and it definitely was.  

Here’s the simplest way I can describe it. It’s the one time that everyone I love were able to come together in one room and celebrate one thing – us. 

So today six months into all the madness I'm here to share the photos, the details, the best parts, the regrets..all of it! 

Let's do this.  

The morning of.. Saturday 22nd July 2017

My wedding morning started with me waking up with various emotions running through me most of which was down to the fact that my dad wasn’t here to share this day with me. I was so happy yet so sad. I left rather early with my sister in law to get ready at the venue as for me this would mean there would be no lateness and no traffic drama. I waved my house goodbye and we shed a few tears as we shared some good memories on the way. 

On arrival at the venue all my vendors and caterers were unloading, people were in and out, up and down with boxes.. my wedding day was officially in action. Shafika my hair and make up artist (@shafika_makeupartistwas already there, we all know how pro and prompt she is which is so important for any bride!

I would recommend Shafika to everyone, she listens, takes feedback and will do what you want her to do until you're happy with it. During my trial Shafika tried two different eye looks and multiple hair styles and each time we took photos from different angles because as much as its about looking good in real I had to go with something that pictured well too. 

I was confused between two hair looks and so Shafika suggested I should call my wedding dress store and see whether I was able to try my wedding dress on whilst I was semi-ready and that’s exactly what we did. I hopped onto the stand with my dress on and Shegina played with my hair and we came to an agreement (benefits of having a mua/hua on board!)

Okay so back to wedding day, now I always thought I would be super calm on my wedding day but I felt SO nervous I was sat on the chair huffing and puffing whilst all my close ones and family were running around the venue trying to get everything into place. Shafika gave me positive words and tried her best to keep me calm throughout. This eased as my getting ready process came to an end. 

By this stage both my videographer (@allureevents) and photographer (@rimadarwash) had arrived. Rima walked through the doors super excited with everything and she made me feel like a million dollars instantly. All my nerves calmed down and I felt so excited too! I honestly felt like I had the dream team both Rima and Wasim worked really well together and made me feel so comfortable. Wasim is super sound and just gets on with it. Both of them were super professional with getting back to me when I needed something before the wedding and even after the wedding. I would recommend them both!!
For my lip colour I actually went along with my everyday trustee Sephora's satin lip cream in number 13 this is the ONLY colour I felt comfortable in and Shafika insisted I didn’t need to go with something different just because it was my wedding day and I should stick to what I feel good in. 
I know this looks like a corsage but it was actually what my mum weaved through her veil on her wedding day to my dad. This was a little something from their special day for me to wear on my special day, except I wore it on my wrist. 
My wedding day perfume had to be the Jo Malone Peony & Blush suede, its such a beautiful scent & super romantic! 
Pizza for breakfast? you bet!!
Wedding theme & colours
My wedding theme was classic & romantic, I always knew I wanted this. I wanted everything simple with a few details that would stand out. Blush pink was always my guilty pleasure and it looked so elegant. When anyone asked me what my wedding was going to be like I would say “simple but nice” I wanted a small intimate do and I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and actually feel the love. This is where the idea of “nothing fancy, just love” came into the picture. This ran throughout my wedding right from the invites down to the snapchat filter.
All my printing was done by Nazmeera (@theweddingproshop) I would send her a list every morning of exactly what I needed and if I was stuck she would always be there to put her ideas forward. Again, I wanted my invites to be simple but still leave an impression and so I went with a personalised wax seal which was very messy to begin with but once we got the hang of it was actually quite simple (thanks babz) I loved how a super tiny detail made such a big difference.
Welcome sign and seat plan by the wedding prop shop.
Chalkboard written by (@paperprecious) 
Because my wedding would not be complete without pizza. S/O to Faizal who actually ordered dominos to take this shot for me. The love is reaaaal.
Wedding venue & decoration
My wedding venue was the ballroom at the Accrington town hall. As cliche as it sounds  ever since I was a little girl I had envisioned my wedding to be dark with candles, lots of candles. The main reason I went with this venue was because I could achieve this in an afternoon wedding as once the curtains were closed it was complete blackout. My wedding stage was done by the infamous Shabnam stages (@shabnamstagesltd) I don't need to sing her praises because we all know she is epic. 

Chair covers/cutlery/napkins by Naznin Jiva (@naznin_jiva_events)  
Centre pieces (@sparklescreations)
Menu's by The wedding prop shop
When me and Faizal had our first meeting he gifted me a box of Ladurée macarons, yup he knew the way to my heart was definitely through my stomach! Major brownie points!! For me this was the perfect wedding favour to have <3
This was the moment he realised how well he had done with the macarons. ha.
Wedding cake
I wanted something simple with a unique twist and came across different versions of the "cut out" in the middle of the cake. During my consultation with Sajida (@iced_by_saajida) we went through each tier and I decided how I wanted it to look and so we came up with this. She's super talented and her cakes actually taste amazing, there wasn't a single crumb left!
The dress

My dress was from Bliss bridal (@blissbridalbolton) and was by Pronovias. When I had my initial appointment my intention was actually only to try on different styles to see what suited me not to fall in love with a dress and actually buy it-but six dresses in and I didn't want to take this one off. Once I was dressed I instantly knew it was the one- something  about it being so simple oozed elegance and grace, Sheginas tears confirmed it too. Nothing stood out to me more than this. It was a mermaid dress with bateau neckline. Small short sleeves and came with a silk overskirt with pleats and centre bow. This meant I could have two completely different looks in one dress. sold.
 With the over skirt
Without the overskirt
Moments from the day..
Walking down the aisle was my favourite part of the day, I remember the doors opening and walking into the room and just having my eyes fixated on Faizal. I honestly only remember him and the rest of the room was blurry. My entrance song was breathless by Shayne Ward (not sure wether it was him that made everyone cry or me, I would like to think it was me ha) as we walked down towards the middle of the aisle I remember looking up at my brother and saying "I'm going to cry" I was so emotional, this moment was actually happening. I felt all the love in the room and was thankful that after this day I would be spending the rest of my life with Faizal. 
We took over my little brother in law's birthday so he could not-not have a cake?! 
 My Bubba- slush service by (@naznin_jiva_events) 
I had the exact same emotions whilst I flicked through these photos :(
My ruksati gave me anxiety all day, it was always there at the back of my head. Even during my wedding week I kept saying how scared I was. On the day I think I held it together pretty well, instead I just get all emotional every other day now lol It's so sad for us :( girls if you're not married yet honestly spend as much time with your family!!
And just like that it was all over, thank you SO much to all of our family & friends who joined us to celebrate our special day. My mum, brother, sister in law and my two besties.. couldn't have done it without you <3
If theres one piece of advice I could give to any bride it would be to just ENJOY the whole wedding process and don't go with a service if you don't 100% trust them as this will only make the process harder for you. I wasn't a bridezilla and didn't actually stress about anything until my actual wedding week and looking back I honestly regret it and i'm so mad at myself for doing so. I should have taken that time to embrace everyone/everything around me and not worry about the little things. So remember it is the last time you will spend with your own family, don't take that lightly. Stress less, love them lots and honestly by the time we hopped onto the plane the wedding was just another part of the beautiful dream. 

I shall leave you with a tiny snippet of my day by @allureevents

 I hope I answered all your questions throughout my post and if I didn't feel free to comment below.
Love always


  1. Aww this post had me tearing up, you look like a real life princess! I'm so happy for you, i couldn't stop smiling reading this!! Congratulations to you and Faizal! I've been following you on Instagram for so long and wanted you to start a blog and finally you have. This was the most beautiful first post to read, so picture perfect!! I can't wait for my big day, you've inspired me so much and insha'Allah this blog grows for you, can't wait to read your upcoming posts! :) Lots of love, Sameen xx (p.s I couldn't think of a more perfect wedding scent!)

    1. Thank you so much Sameen! You have no idea how much that means to me, thank you for your super kind words! Congratulations on your big day i'm happy to hear that my post was helpful to you! xxx

  2. Sumaiya! This literally made me cry! So beautiful, happy anniversary hunny!! Can’t wait for more posts now yay ♥️✨💕💕💕💕x x x x x x x

  3. Salaams,
    Masha'allah what an amazing first blog, I must I was in tears whist reading it but was smiling at the same time.. I pray Allah blesses you both with at most health, wealth and imaan.. ameen.. I have been following you on instagram for a while, and I was actually looking forward to you blogging.. Your pics, your dress etc was soo amazing alhumdulillah.. Your looked like a real life princess!! Congratulations to you both, you make an amazing couple masha'allah.. Am not due to get married anytime soon still waiting for my knight in shining armour if he exits!! But you have defo inspired me for when it will be my big day... Lots of Love, Shaheena xxx

  4. Normally wedding appetizers are mediocre and forgettable. We had people talking about our food even weeks after the wedding. Though the NYC wedding venues are beautiful. You can bring in any type of furniture or use their traditional round tables.

  5. What a beautiful blog post! Such lovely, meaningful details. Especially the macarons :)

  6. Your wedding day looks spectacular. I am totally in love with these beautiful photos and the décor in the bash. You truly had a fairy like day. At one of the NYC wedding venues, I too would be hosting a picture perfect fall inspired reception party and will be using loads of traditional like stuff for décor such as painted pumpkins and vintage vases.