Our Walima Day

Hi guys!

Firstly super massive thank you for all your love on my last post!! I'll be honest I initially had second thoughts about sharing any of it, somethings are nice to keep to yourself and this was one of them moments BUT I worked with people who I knew would help other brides and all your dm's confirmed that. So thank you millions!

Just for my readers who are not muslim, the walima is the second of the two traditional parts of an Islamic wedding and is hosted by the grooms family. Everything is pretty much the same except the bride & groom enter together as a pose to separately like the wedding day.
The morning of.. Sunday 23rd July 2017

There are no words, no fancy quotes that can truly express how I felt when I woke up on my walima morning. It was bliss, pure happiness, like one chapter of my life had closed and I woke up into a new one. I felt super relaxed on my walima morning, everything was calm, my mind felt calm and I was just super happy and excited for the day.
I found it extremely difficult to find a makeup artist in Leicester (believe it or not) so I booked Mica (@micamakeupbowen) from Manchester and had her booked into the hotel we stayed in. Faizal also booked two separate rooms so he could get extra beauty sleep whilst I got ready as my makeup needed to be done for 9am.

Aamir Naveed (@aamirnaveedhair) arrived at 9.30am to start on my hair, we all know he's epic and SO down to earth! It was Faizal's idea for me to book Aamir and when the booking was confirmed he said he would get Aamir to do his hair and thats exactly what he did:
Aamir Naveed groom stylin??
The venue
Our walima venue was the Platinum suite in Leicester. The entrance was a marquee leading into the main hall this was perfect as all of our guests enjoyed mocktails and canap├ęs whilst waiting on us to arrive :)

The decor was more bolder and brighter compared to the softer tones on the wedding day. The feel was like a majestic rainforest, the backdrop on the stage had a waterfall running in between as well as the sides and there were beautiful tall centrepieces on the tables and super big beautiful trees along the walk way. My sister in law Saleha organised all the walima decorations with ( and she did a pretty good job <3

Initially me and my mum were going to take a trip to Pakistan but after visiting Chamak (@chamakbykohl) I knew I could get exactly what I wanted without flying out the country and having the whole size/postage drama. It just seemed so much more easier to have someone in the U.K that I trusted too. What I love about Kulsum is how direct she is, she is that brutally honest person who will actually tell you if something does not look good on you and this made me trust her more because I knew she wasn't just about the sales. During my walima outfit consultation I went through exactly what I wanted, she took all my measurements and got me swatches a couple of months later. Once I approved the swatch I liked, my outfit arrived in no time and was actually more beautiful than I imagined it to be. I know as a bride its easy to panic about your outfit, Kulsum isn't the person that will give you weekly updates with your outfit, you simply have to trust her and know she will get it done which is exactly what I did and I was super happy with the outcome. I know she's super busy so I would recommend the initial consultation with her at-least six months in advance if not earlier.
My jewellery was by Nadia from Deeya (@deeyajewelley) I'll be honest when it came to this part I had no idea where to go and I was last minute with it (4 weeks exactly) but I had been following Nadia for a while and I liked that she could literally make anything. I went through everything over whats app, I didn't have a single telephone conversation with her. She was so easy and sent me photos before everything was actually assembled to make sure I was happy with it and thats it, couple weeks later and it arrived. Easy, peasy.
Faizal's sherwani was purchased directly from the Sabya Sachi store in Mumbai, my greatest fear was that he would pick something that would make him look like a christmas tree but he did me proud :)
Moments from the day.. 
I had a-lot of favourite parts of the day, but one emotion I wasn't set for was the feeling of seeing my family sat there and me not being theres anymore. It's hard to put into words but i'm sure i'm not the only bride that has felt this feeling? even when my family were leaving and I said bye I felt super emotional that they were leaving me but again I was so happy to be with Faizal. The emotional rollercoaster struggle was so frickin real.
Our super hot host, my sister in law welcoming all of our guests
Ofcourse I had to get a shot for myself ;)
Fun fact about Faizal- He is so not a picture person or a social media person when we first spoke I thought I was being cat-fished but 6 months later and I think we are getting there... (atleast the picture part)

I hope you guys enjoyed my wedding/walima posts! To the future bride please spend time with your family as much as you can, specially if you're moving away (I know I said this in my last post but i'm saying it again). I, now constantly feel in a limbo when I'm in Leicester I miss my mum and when i'm in Bolton I miss Faizal and that feeling never goes away and I don't think it ever will. I want to wrap this up by saying a MASSIVE thank you to both mine and Faizal's family/friends for all their efforts and for being so good to us.

Love always


  1. Once again another awesome blog, Masha'allah such a princess!! Keep up the blogging, looking forward to you blogging more.. Your outfit looks awesome to masha'allah.. No Nazar I promise lolz..
    Lots of love, Shaheena

    1. Awww Thank you so much Shaheena! I really appreciate it <3

  2. Lovely post! I am from Leicester origanally and moved to Birmingham once I got married so I know how you feel! But trust me, the lovely community feel of Leicester will eventually make you feel at home. Enjoy your married life x

    Salma Kadiri

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    2. Hi Salma! I am actually enjoying Leicester, everyones very welcoming! Thank you for reading x