Function Of Beauty- Review

Hi guys!!
Hope everyone is well, I'm back with a review on a shampoo/conditioner that may have actually changed my hair game for life.

Okay I will openly admit I'm not one of those people that have a hair regime as a child my mum would lather my hair in coconut oil and give me head massages and put my hair into two French braids but of of course that went out the window years ago. I literally use whatever shampoo is accessible to me and the last time I had oil in my hair was part of a full body massage so you bet I have certainly never ordered any haircare products online. It's clear I never gave my hair the special attention it needed.

When function of beauty contacted me I wasn't super excited because hair products wasn't anything I was fussed about (crazy now that I think about it) but when they asked me to take their hair quiz I was so intrigued, like they have made a shampoo/conditioner just for me and my hair AND my name is on the bottle!!!

The hair quiz really got me thinking and had me sat in bed actually assessing my hair is it straight, wavy, curly? is it fine, medium or coarse? along with what goals I wanted and I could choose up to five options!!

My first was defo volumize- I love big hair and my second was strengthen because I had noticed that my hair was falling out more than before, next was colour protection as I do dye my hair I like the colour to last and finally lengthen because right now I'm all about long hair. I actually went for a hair cut a couple of weeks ago and although it was a trim to me it felt like so much had been cut (defo wasn't the case tho) I even chose what smell I wanted giving me full control, it was my very own hair potion. The quiz comes to an end when you have chosen what name you would like on your bottle wether its your name/nickname/dog's name its entirely up to you! I'm a sucker for personalised things I just automatically love it so this touch is amazing and would make the perfect gift also and lastly with a click of a button you're presented with your very own combo.

The verdict

Okay so I have been using the shampoo/conditioner duo ever since it arrived and I didn't want to declare how amazing it was until I gave myself time even though I saw a difference when I had my first wash. I did exactly what the instructions stated and washed my hair with the shampoo twice and then left the conditioner for a couple minutes. I was completely drawn into the smell straight away if theres one thing I actually cared about in all of my shampoo's was the smell, yes I'm that person in Superdrug's that opens the lids to smell the shampoo! The fragrance of the duo was amazing and filled my bathroom instantly. Once I had finished blow drying my hair I couldn't help but notice the amount of volume compared to normal- my number one hair goal had been achieved! I have also noticed the amount of hair on my brush has also decreased (yay I won't be bald anytime soon). 

I definitely will be doing an update in a months time again but I would still highly recommend the shampoo and will definitely be reordering, the great thing is I can change my goals depending on what I want each time and this has never been an option for anybody before (well at least not for me anyway)! Try the hair quiz here and get £5.00 off  (I have posted the link on my Instagram story if it doesn't work for you here)  I would love to know your hair goals too!!

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